osos_summer@ea.gr +30.210.8176799 Attica, Greece | 07/07-12/07/2019
Transform, Connect and Engage with the local community

In this challenge you will learn how to inspire, engage and connect with the local society around your school by establishing an open, curious, welcoming, democratic  environment which will support the development of innovative and creative projects and educational activities.

We will show you how to facilitate the process for envisioning, managing and monitoring change in your school settings by providing a simple and flexible structure to follow and gradually become an Open Schooling Hub.

Becoming an Open Schooling Hub is not just an isolated “project” or the work of one person. It demands a deep transformation, not just in pedagogy, but in every aspect of the way the school is organized: its structure, culture, and the use of space, place, and time.

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