osos_summer@ea.gr +30.210.8176799 Attica, Greece | 05/07-10/07/2020
For School Heads

The OSOS Summer School adopts a learning in action methodology and offers you the opportunity to identify, explore and overcome the challenges of leadership and management in a constantly changing educational environment.

The provided lectures and material of our Summer School will offer you effective and systematic guidance and support at the school leadership level in order to facilitate the introduction of the OSOS innovation process in your school and transform it into an open schooling environment.

Through this course you will gain valuable insights on how to:

  • Analyse the needs of your school,
  • Create lasting supporting structures for your school
  • Review your teachers’ education, including CPD available, to ensure it addresses leadership competences
  • Develop the culture, structures and conditions to facilitate dialogue, collaboration and knowledge exchange among your school’s community and internal stakeholders
  • Promote & Collaborate with other schools, parents, higher education institutions and research centres and other external stakeholders
  • Develop a strategy for dealing with resistance to change
  • Reflect on the progress of organizational changes
  • Create your School Development Plan and be prepared for your Erasmus+ proposal
For Teachers
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